How to be a third in a unicorn threesome?

Threesomes are often seen as a man’s fantasy, one of the most popular sexual fantasies out there. As a result, it may not hard to achieve it if you know where and how to find a threesome partner.

Couples looking for threesome to add excitement to their existed relationship are eager to find the right way to adventure a real threesome. There are many tips for couples dating a third party.

Unicorn often refers to a bisexual woman. We may call those couples looking for female partner unicorn hunters. They hope that adding you to their bed will not ruin their relationship. But how about you, as a joining person added to a couple? how to make sure the couple doesn’t treat you as just a unicorn animal? What if they break out a quarrel in front of you?

• Know that you want to be a unicorn

Being a unicorn girl means that you only want a sex adventure, but you don’t want to start a new relationship but couldn’t wait to explore your sexual fantasies. Then it is perfect to enter the unicorn dating market. There are several offerings you might consider dating a couple online, including forums like Reddit, unicorn dating sites, and apps rather than Tinder and OkCupid. You will find a lot of couples are looking for the same thing as you. It will be a perfect match.

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•Choose a couple you like

Have you ever met couples with such amazing chemistry that you wish you could join them when you just open their profiles and photos? Be confident and you have the chance now as a unicorn. You could find a lot of couples looking for unicorn third with unicorn apps or other kinds of adult dating sites, so stop worrying that you can’t find a match.

If a couple doesn’t have great chemistry or they are not in a great relationship, pass them to the next choice. Choose a couple you adore to start your adventure. Ensuring that you like them both as individuals, and then as a couple.

• Chat before Meeting up

Make sure you are communicating with both persons of the couples before talking about meeting in person, and video chatting is preferred. A meetup beforehand in a public place is also needed for your safety concern.

If you have no idea how to start the communication, try these questions: What are they suit for? Do they experienced it? What’s their wishlist? Do they accept kissing? Is there any kinky thing? According to their response to your desires, you can decide whether they are suitable for you for a second time.

• Speck out your own needs

Give each person in the triad equal opportunity to talk and discuss what they want and don’t want, what they like as well as those they would never want to try. but in many cases, the third’s needs and bottom lines are ignored in a threesome dating scene.

As the third, you’re not the third-wheel, so stop listen and cooperate the couple only. Tell them what’s on your wish list and what you want to explore. Make sure you talk about your boundaries and sexual health concerns, such as using condoms.

• Make the couple feel at ease

Jealousy is one thing every unicorn should concern about before dating a couple. For a female unicorn, your goal is to forge a feeling of sisterhood with the wife and make sure she is with you. Sometimes the couple may also afraid that you will contact or date only one of them secretly. So it is important to discuss all these possibilities, triggers, and limits beforehand. Set a red light time when it goes wrong to stop the threesome sex at once.

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• Have unicorn fun!

Don’t be a unicorn because you’re lonely! It could make you feel bluer after you back home all alone. There is a high chance for you to have a sleepless night after such a high experience. So go for unicorn dating only when you want to have no strings attached sex. Then you could have fun and exciting adventure.


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